Wedding Design

Violet and Bone is a boutique, full-service wedding planning company infusing superbly styled events with clear and concise theming and intention of design from beginning to end. For discerning clients with a sophisticated, unique, creative and sometimes mysterious style. For the dreamer looking for a very stylistic approach, color strategic, concept-driven narrative behind their event. Our couple is bold and wants their wedding to be influenced by interior design and fashion. Our couples are influenced often times by things outside of the wedding sphere and would like to see unique details applied to their wedding. It is our objective to leave you stress-free, knowing that someone else is there to ensure the planning and execution of your wedding are flawless. 

The artistic nature of our weddings will reflect the distinct sensibilities of each couple. Each event is tailored to suit the clients' unique aesthetics with an elevated injection to pack a dynamic punch and impression. Fine details and subtle stylistic choices are valued over modern trends. We are keen on giving your guests a sense of who you are as a couple and an unforgettable vibe that transcends the big day. We look forward to working with you on your upcoming event and leaving a little piece of our heart in your treasured day.